Baltimore, MD Days

Below are some images and information about the Nymph yacht during its days in Baltimore, Maryland.

Text from the Art Card about the Nymph Yacht. “As a vehicle for taking visitors on extended harbor tours through the port of Baltimore, the NYMPH yacht has become a familiar sight in these parts for more than a decade. Built as a private yacht in 1913 by John H. Wells, a naval architect at the Matthews Boat Company, Ft. Clinton, Ohio, it saw long service in private ownership before it was purchased by the Maryland Port Administration in 1963. The previous owner was Maryland Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, one of this port’s most important shipyards. The purchase price was $15,000, a bargain even in those days.

The NYMPH is 75-feet long and has transported more than 25,000 guests around the port of Baltimore since it was placed in operation. The yacht is manned by a three-man crew and has been praised for the comfort and ease with which it has carried visitors ranging from foreign ambassadors and potential port customers to students who have an interest in international trade. It also has been placed in service on numerous occasions as a press boat for news happenings ranging from shipboard fires to the Tall Ship event during the Bicentennial celebration. The NYMPH is an excellent promotional vehicle which not only gives visitors a view of the port of Baltimore most have never seen before, but also offers guests a relaxing interlude during the hectic workday.

The vessel’s estimated value in today’s market is $100,000 and the State has received several offers from brokers – all of which have been declined because of the immense value she has for promoting the port of Baltimore. The NYMPH is one of the few vessels of her kind in operation in the United States ports.

The NYMPH is very much a part of the port of Baltimore and, hopefully, will remain so for years to come.”

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